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Welcome to Your Web Base

This app can help you do a few different things. It can be used by both our players and our Independent Gaming Agents. Players are those who have a desire to make money playing games. This app holds the best free earning apps, websites and games available. Players can choose what they want to do from the “Apps” or the “Programs” Tabs. A member can either be a gamer, an Independent Gaming Agent or both.

Here below are 2 videos. The first one is a walk-through for users. The second one is for those who are wanting to be an Independent Gaming Agent. If you are watching the second video then there is no need to watch the first one since it also includes the walk-through.

The Current Tournament of Sweet Sugar Smackdown (Starts May 24th 2017)

*This game can be found under Apps and Games in the main menu

• The Current Tournament will award over $200,000 in cash prizes with 1050 prizes in total. There are 50 seats available in the Tournament level.

Cash Prizes are paid out for the Tournament Level only. Levels 1-9 are qualifying levels. You must defeat 56 random people in succession to qualify to compete in the Tournament.

The person with the highest score out of the 50 players in the Tournament will receive $25,000. The next 10 people with the highest scores will receive $3,000 each. The remaining 39 will receive $1,000 each.

If you are smacked down from level 3 or higher you will receive tickets that will be used in a drawing at the end of the tournament.  At the end of the tournament 100 tickets will be draw from all the tickets won and those people will all receive $250 each.

You will receive 10% of the prize money won by any players in your team.

For more details on this tournament please see Rules button inside the game.

Terms of Service

Your information is private and will not be sold or leased to anyone else for any reason without your permission. In the event that an advertiser requests personal information you may be given the opportunity to agree to be paid extra in exchange for offering it to them at which point you will still have the option to say no. We may use information provided by you to provide statistics to our advertisers without giving any personal information. For example, “How many women we have in England between 30-50.” Since the money we are paying comes solely from advertisers it is required that this information be completely correct. Since we will be paying money in our game we are required to know who we are actually paying. If your information is filled out incorrectly you will not be paid.

Grounds for termination of an account. Anyone caught trying to cheat our system or otherwise do anything that would harm the reputation of our company or any of its partners, affiliate companies and providers.

This service is offered as it stands and carries no warranties or guarantees. There is no risk involved as we do not charge fees to any player or Agent. By using our services you agree that you understand that you are not entering into any form of legal contract with us or any of our partners, advertisers or 3rd party affiliates since you are not giving any consideration to make such a contract legal nor are you being offered one. You also acknowledge that you understand that you are not an employee of our company or any of its partners, affiliate companies and providers and will not offer yourself to others as one.

We do not withhold any taxes from winnings, referral or agent commissions and you alone are responsible for paying any taxes on money you earn or win.

Since all prizes and earnings come from what would otherwise be our profits and not from your payment of fees or selling of any products you agree that there are no grounds for you to pursue any form of legal action against our company or any of its partners, affiliate companies and providers for any reason. By using this product you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


How can I make money?

You can make money by going to the Apps and Games or Program Tabs and joining each of them. Each one is different and has different reasons for being here. Some of them are addressed in this FAQ to point out some of the reasons why they were added besides the obvious reasons.

You can also Make money from the 7 Degrees game found on the menu page. Please read the FAQ on that Game for more info on how you earn from it.

What is E-Earn it?

E-Earn it is a unique loyalty reward program where you can earn rewards that grow in time by purchasing products and services from companies that offer loyalty rewards. Membership is free and you can earn money by referring others even if you do not have your own loyalty reward. Members can also purchase items through the site with their e-currency that they earn at 35% off the normal prices.

Do I need a sponsor?

If you want to be able to earn matching prizes in our games or other things offered by Your Web Base directly then you need to enter a sponsor in order to be added to that system. If you found out about our app through an app store and were not referred by anyone you can go to the rating section of the app in the store and get one from one of the people who have rated our app.