Our money comes from advertising.
We share our advertising revenue with people through the games in terms of cash prizes or awesome gifts.
The best way to make lots of money in the games is by having a big down line.

Note: Having a big down line does not mean you will make more money per person. It simply means you stand a better chance of making a lot of money on average per person.

The Game (1 TO 20)
The more people play:
1. The more people will actually win.
2. The more money will come in from advertising revenue (Ads being seen by more people).

(1) From # of win 1 to 7
This is the excitement period (More people, more money coming in and thus more winners.
Here, you need to win in order to earn cash.
Note: Having a winner or winners does not mean that the odds of winning will go down. As more people are playing, more money is coming in. Thus, more prizes will continue to come in.
No BIG winner:
If no one hits the big prize, the prize money continues to build up and that number changes from 1 to 8.

(2) From # of win 8
This is the frenzy period.
At this stage, everyone knows it has hit 7degrees.
It is here where members make money without personally winning themselves in the game. So, if someone from your down line wins, up to 7 levels, you will also win.

(3) From # of win 9 and above.
At this level, you don’t have to be a winner to earn cash.
You don’t even need to have a winner in your down line.
You just need to be the person who spins right before the winner.
You have 9 chances to be one of the winners.

As it grows From # of win 10 and above, it reaches the craziest period.
Your odds of winning keep getting bigger and as it gets to # of win 20, it becomes more thrilling.
More winning letters are added to the wheel and people become crazier as the potential of making huge amount of money is at the tips of their fingers.
It is clear that the game has the potential to make you enormous money and that without any doubt; the best way to reach your goal is to have a big down line.


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