How does 7 Degrees and Your Web Work?

Progressive winner Jackpot 
(Worldwide Provisional Patented)
This is a Progressive Winner Jackpot. Which differs from the well known progressive Jackpot; where the Jackpot amount grows over time if no one wins. Here, the number of people paid when the winner hits grows.

How the Jackpots Build – We set the Jackpot to a specific value before the game starts. When the game starts the system will start building the prize pool to the amount set. If no one has won by that time the system will build the prize pool up to pay the 7 level up-line of the winner. This is Called hitting 7 Degrees. Once the prize pool hits 7 Degrees the counter will then change to read 8 winners. If someone wins once it hits 7 Degrees and the Jackpot is set at $250 for example, they will get $250. The person who referred them will get $25 and the person above them gets $25 up 7 levels from the winner. If no one hits by that time the system builds single increments of the Jackpot increasing the counter number by one each time, changing to 8, 9, 10, etc.

Let's say that the counter reads 28 when someone hits the jackpot and the Jackpot is set at $250. This means the winner gets $250, the 7 up-line people get $25 each and the 20 people who spun before the winner will get $25 each. So, 27 people will receive $25 each and the winner receives $250. Then a new game automatically starts again.

We pay out the same amount of money if our Jackpot is $250, $2,500 or $25,000 because the system works exactly the same regardless of the Jackpot size. Smaller Jackpots simply mean more people win.

It is not our goal to give a huge prize to one person, but rather give a huge number of people, smaller prizes nonstop. Mathematically, this also increases each members earnings from their own webs.

Since we pay the same amount regardless of the prize amount, this means that when we have 1,000,000 people playing the Jackpot will be hitting several times a day. When we have 1 million daily players we could be paying out at least $50,000 a day in prizes. But, if we were at Candy Crush's average daily users we could be paying out more than $4,888,080 a day.

Game Play

Player pushes the spin button and when the wheel stops spinning it will display a set of letters, words, letters and words or one word. This is not a slot machine where you either win when you spin or you do not. If you don’t win a silly phrase is likely to show up, if you did win only one word will show up: WIN with W in the first place, I in the middle place and N in the last place. To make sure there is no confusion the Game pulls them from each spot and shows them to you all together. Then since there is more than one of each W-I-N on each the system does a check against the servers to see if it is a winning draw. If you have won it will tell you that you won and place the money or prize in your wallet.

Once someone wins the game resets back to the beginning and starts again.

Prizes are for active members only. If someone in your 7 downline wins, a pending payment will show up in your wallet which you must click it to claim it. If it is not claimed in 2 weeks then the money will be forfeited. No payment is made until the win has been verified. If the winner was found to be cheating by using bots or any other kind of artificial means, or there was any kind of hacking or malfunction, the pending payments will be removed from the wallets and returned back into the game as if no one had won.

The prize money comes from advertising revenue. This means the more people that play the more ads that are seen, and the more prizes are generated.

The box on the Game shows the number of people who will be paid when someone wins. This number increases as the prize money available grows.

The odds of winning always start the same and are the same for each person that spins. We can at our discretion, and at any time, increase the odds of winning by adding more W,I and Ns to the wheels. One example of why we would do this is if for some reason the number in the box goes over 20 and no one has won, we would start adding winning letters to the wheel to increase the odds of winning. Once someone wins they will be set back to the starting point. This ensures that the game is always exciting.

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